Diaper bag for cool Daddy!
If you get a diaper bag pink with dolls or flowers, or even blue with Teddy bears your husband will look desperate with it on his shoulder .O ,maybe, you will carry it with all baby clothes,bottles,diapers,water and whats ever all by yourself. But,HOP DUO diaper bag for cool Daddy can make you man happy, proud and stylish and who knows maybe you can spend more time shopping for yourself, while your love one cruising around the Mall with new baby, showing everyone WHO is the MAN.

Second choice for your man is diaper DUDE bag.This one is for the Ultra Hip and Super Stylish daddy.

Fun and sporty, the Messenger as a diaper Bag will make you feel like a star. And it's practical too. Get the fabric stain- resistant and you can easily clean it. You can get a shoulder bag or a backpack HERE..
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