Family band.

When I was a girl I enjoed to play a piano. My Dad used to be a director in an Army orchestra, so he can play any instrument, but most of the time he used to play a clarinet.We made this Little band "Talent duet" just me and my Daddy, and we were Rockin'! We drove my Mom crazy, but I think deep inside she was proud of us,especially when our friends applauded and screamed BRAVO.I'll never forget those happy moments, which banded us together,my Dad and me his little girl.

Get yourself a Guitar and make a band with your family.It'll put a smile on your face and leave a memory in your heart FOREVER.



Electronic Keyboards.

Musik sheet.

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Fireplace hearth cushion.

Kid Safe Hearth Cushion

Kid Safe Hearth Cushion

Child proof your home instantly with a fireplace hearth cushion. This one piece hearth cushion attaches easily with hook-n-loop adhesive strips - it will keep your child and your hearth protected! This kit features over nine feet of foam, all in one piece so there are no difficult sections to piece together. Adheres to brick, stone, marble and other hearth materials. Covers 90” across the front, and 10” on each side. One Size Fits Most!This item ships directly from the manufacturer.
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