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Srarron Dalton "Our overweight children.What we can do."

The United States is facing a health crisis of epidemic proportions: children are gaining weight younger and faster than ever before. With the prospect of becoming the most obese generation of adults in history, they are already turning up with an alarming assortment of grown-up maladies, from type 2 diabetes to high blood pressure. This book takes a clear-eyed look at what's behind the statistics and diagnoses, and what can be done about the major health crisis among American children.
Sharron Dalton begins with the basics: what obesity is, what causes it, and why it matters. Integrating information from scientific and popular sources, she reviews past remedies and their results and compares specific strategies and programs for children. When a third of our children are overweight or likely to become so, it's everyone's problem--and this book argues for a united approach, promoting the role of parents, health professionals, and school and community leaders. For each group, Dalton outlines actions to combat the epidemic. She suggests ways for parents to respond to their children in interactions centered on food and physical activities. And she illuminates a number of issues raised by childhood obesity, from the pain of fat discrimination to the economic, social, and political ramifications of an epidemic of obesity among the young.
At once authoritative and nontechnical, no-nonsense and compassionate, Our Overweight Children is a clear call to action--a prescription for treating the most dire problem threatening our children's health and our nation's future.

Srarron Dalton "Our overweight children.What we can do."
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Don't kill your child with junk food.
It's scary, when you see overweight children and those stupid (excuse me) parents, trying to put more junk food in there kids mouth,promising even more junks (candy,a pound of ice cream,corn dog and so) after they eat their lunch! Poor kids! No wander why, when they 40 years old those ex children have cancer,stroke and a heard attacks! Some Mothers likes to say :"O, common, kids will survive".Duh. To bad they don't like bills from a hospital their husbands pay for . A year ago my husband has a heard attack. We get married when he was 47,so all those years he ate all kinds of food.Yes, he did survived!!!! Thanks God!
But habit to eat junk too deep inside (from a childhood)and we need to work together on a new style of life! GOOD MOOD, healthy food and GOOD LOOK as well.

If you child is overweight, but you can't see that through pink glasses of your big love, ask your doctor to tell you the truth! And act NOW!!! Save your baby!

If your child have serious health problems I find a book about Solutions & Recipes for Children with Food Allergies.

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