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If you want teach your baby to love, get an animal. Even a fish can make a big change in your relationship with your child. You can start with a book or magazine. The best magazine I know is

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Russian cartoons
My daughter laughs when she watches this Russian cartoon.

"Wings, legs and tails"
- You can see in front of you a blazing desert, almost bare, almost lifeless, but...there are lizards and insects.

There are also ostriches.
Once an ostrich met a vulture.
- Hey you birdie,come fly with me, there is so much tasty stuff over there...
Ostrich :
- How much?

- Hey, hey...I said let's fly,not run!
- Did you forget how to fly?
- I never knew how.
- You never knew?
- Didn't know -- we'll teach you, don't want -- we'll make you! Lift off!
- Birdie...
You will fly anyway!Remember, it's better to lose a day then fly over in 5 min.Let's go!
- Come back.
Closer,closer.Let me tell you something birdie...
- I'm telling you again, do a decent run and lift off.We're late;all the tasty stuff will be eaten! Move it,move it,let's go,move it...good...
- Hey,where you going? Wings,wings...LEGS!
- Hmm...birdie...Legs, wings...the main thing is the TAIL!
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1. Children who play video games are less likely to be involved in drugs or criminal activity.
2. Many video games are violent in nature. This provides an excellent opportunity to discuss ethical and moral issues regarding murder, stealing and other illegal activities.
3. My nephew plays Halo on line and It's nice to listen to the different accents and languages.
I am an Ukrainian myself.
4. When your child plays video games he is typically at home where you can observe his behavior , good or not. You know exactly where he is and what he is doing. It's stress free.
5. Most video games require players to know how to read sophisticated words . This is an excellent way to encourage your child to read more, to reach higher levels.
7. Video games distract young males from participating in sexual activity.
8. Excellent players are less likely to use alcohol or drugs because it impairs their ability to perform well while playing.
9. I like to play a video game with my child too.
10. Look below where to get the best deal on video games.

You can rent a video game for your family.SUPER!!!

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Books they LOVE to read.
My little daughter Elizabeth LOVES books by Dr. Seuss.
Every night I read her a few stories . Lizas favorite are "The Sneetches and other stories",( especially she likes the one about pale green pants) and "Green eggs and ham".

If your kids have a problem with reading I'll recommend


Phonics is FUN!

Your kids will LOVE reading

with ClickN' READ Phonics!

Here is a fun cartoon for you child to watch. Enjoy.For more cartoons click on lower right button "MENU" on a video.



More cartoons by Dr. Seuss

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