Don't kill your child with junk food.
It's scary, when you see overweight children and those stupid (excuse me) parents, trying to put more junk food in there kids mouth,promising even more junks (candy,a pound of ice cream,corn dog and so) after they eat their lunch! Poor kids! No wander why, when they 40 years old those ex children have cancer,stroke and a heard attacks! Some Mothers likes to say :"O, common, kids will survive".Duh. To bad they don't like bills from a hospital their husbands pay for . A year ago my husband has a heard attack. We get married when he was 47,so all those years he ate all kinds of food.Yes, he did survived!!!! Thanks God!
But habit to eat junk too deep inside (from a childhood)and we need to work together on a new style of life! GOOD MOOD, healthy food and GOOD LOOK as well.

If you child is overweight, but you can't see that through pink glasses of your big love, ask your doctor to tell you the truth! And act NOW!!! Save your baby!

If your child have serious health problems I find a book about Solutions & Recipes for Children with Food Allergies.

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