A New Twist On Back To School
Move The Bed - Get Ahead. Students get better grades sleeping in their wisdom direction.
It's an age old problem with an ancient solution: how to encourage kids to do better in school. The answer is feng shui and it's as simple as moving your child's bed.
Robyn Bentley, a feng shui consultant and author of Creating a Haven: Simple Steps For A Healthy And Nurturing Home, says there are no bad children, only bad behavior, and the home environment affects your child's behavior, health and even their grades. Bentley has a free online audio class to help parents create a supportive environment for better grades and behavior. Feng Shui For Children's Rooms is accessible in the Feng Shui For Kids section of www.fengshuidiva.com. Here are four easy tips for kids rooms:
1. Point Your Child's Bed in a Postive Sleeping Direction.Sleeping your child with the crown of their head pointed towards their “wisdom” direction will help them perform better in school and have a better attitude about school. Sleeping them pointed towards their “marriage & family harmony” direction will help them get along better with others. When children sleep in a negative direction, they will be bombarded with negative energy all night which can cause them to express themselves with negative behavior. It also makes it harder for them to achieve their goals. It is very important to use a compass and not sunrise/sunset to determine sleeping directions. Stand at the foot of the bed and point a compass at their pillow. The way the compass is pointing is the way your child is sleeping. Find your child’s best directions at www.fengshuidiva.com in the “Feng Shui For Kids” section.
2. Limit Your Child's Exposure To EMFs.EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) are harsh energies emitted by electronic devices. They decrease the body’s production of melatonin. Low melatonin levels can cause insomnia, moodiness, anger and depression. Arrange furniture so that your child’s body is 3 to 5 feet away from TVs, computer monitors, stereos, lamps and other electronic appliances. Never use an electric blanket or waterbed heater and don’t let them stare into the microwave waiting for the popcorn! Stay 5 feet away while it‘s on.
3. Use Positive Symbols in Your Child's Room.When a child feels loved and supported, they will be feel happier. Displaying happy family photos will reinforce to your child that they are part of a loving, supportive family. Let them pick their favorite family photos and blow them up with a color copier to make mini posters. You can also display any awards they have received to raise their self esteem, display mementos from their favorite activities, and positive pop culture favorites as role models.
4. De-Clutter To Keep The Energy From Getting Stuck.Energy naturally flows through rooms but when it encounters clutter it gets “stuck”. Stuck energy can cause procrastination, lack of motivation, a feeling of being in limbo or not moving forward, and even depression. Clutter will make it harder for your child to reach their goals and it is also distracting which makes it difficult for students to focus on their studies.
Use these easy tips and send them back to school this year “feng shui’d” for better grades.
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Robyn Bentley is a feng shui consultant and author or Creating A Haven: Simple Steps For A Healthy And Nurturing Home. Her feng shui has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Canadian Living and Nirvana Woman. She is a phenomenal speaker and frequent guest on radio stations around the world giving out tips as Feng Shui Diva! Find out more about Robyn Bentley at http://www.fengshuidiva.com

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