Russian cartoons
My daughter laughs when she watches this Russian cartoon.

"Wings, legs and tails"
- You can see in front of you a blazing desert, almost bare, almost lifeless, but...there are lizards and insects.

There are also ostriches.
Once an ostrich met a vulture.
- Hey you birdie,come fly with me, there is so much tasty stuff over there...
Ostrich :
- How much?

- Hey, hey...I said let's fly,not run!
- Did you forget how to fly?
- I never knew how.
- You never knew?
- Didn't know -- we'll teach you, don't want -- we'll make you! Lift off!
- Birdie...
You will fly anyway!Remember, it's better to lose a day then fly over in 5 min.Let's go!
- Come back.
Closer,closer.Let me tell you something birdie...
- I'm telling you again, do a decent run and lift off.We're late;all the tasty stuff will be eaten! Move it,move it,let's go,move it...good...
- Hey,where you going? Wings,wings...LEGS!
- Hmm...birdie...Legs, wings...the main thing is the TAIL!
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